New Member Application: Enverdis


New member
Feb 24, 2020
I am a prolific builder who has played on servers such as as Furatex and Doridian's old survival server. While I often find myself frequenting the more PG servers to practice, I find myself restricted in both my creative processes and discussion of certain ideas/subject manner (I wanted to create a horror build but was limited due to rules demanding I keep any story elements PG. I also found a naturally occurring mountain in the shape of a Bad Dragon dildo and proceeded to build a red carpet exhibit area that stood before a marble bridge, the sides of which were ornamented with 3d carvings of penis-railings. Many have found such builds humorous, even earning the signed approval of mods Iraxt and BigGayFurry of the Furatex furry server. On each of these servers my behavior was professional, both my serious and humorous works were built far away from builders to allow ample space for others to build, and the humorous works in question were never directed at any particular demographics or were done with malicious intent on any individual. As Furatex is lagging behind updates and I find your rules more suitable to my tastes, I would love it if you permitted me to play on your server