Nice to see a server without kiddies on it!


New member
Oct 8, 2019
Sup all,
I'm SpacedMarine, most people just call me Spaced. The Marine part is real, some would say the Spaced part is too. I'm a casual player, looking for plain-ish Skyblock server preferably set to Hard difficulty. I like the challenge, so all the other servers running plugins that make things easier is really counter to the whole Skyblock thing anyway. I'm a father of 4, been married to their mother for quite some time, and I'm just looking for a place to play without teenager drama. I get enough of that at home. I play when I can, sometimes that's not for a while, sometimes it's several times in a week, depends on work. I've have some experience running a home based server, and have been around the periphery of the computer biz professionally for some time. I know a bit about networks, hardware, and software, and quite a bit about people generally.

Looking forward to playing with y'all,